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Cleansing and Blessing Ritual for the New Year

Or any time you wish to remove the bad (such as a habit, illness, etc.) and bring in the good.  I get my family involved and it is a nice little New Year's ritual for us all.

1)  Start by physically cleaning your home.  Dust, sweep, vacuum, and organize.

2)  Set up some sort of a family/household/personal power altar.  You'll be burning you candle on it.  Add photos and things of meaning, maybe representations of the dreams this new year holds.

Prepare a double-action jumbo black over white candle.  These are one of those big half black and half white candles available from magical suppliers.  I'll post a photo here soon.  You can also adapt this for use with two separate candles, one black and one white large-sized taper. 

Here is an entire article i wrote about using double action candles.

First cleanse your double-action candle by wiping it down with Florida Water, an ammonia-based cleanser, or Holy Water.  Then take a sharp knife and cut the white tip off of the candle making a flat base.  Throw this little nub away.  This is to now be the base of the candle.  Whittle a new tip on the black end.  You will light this tip - the black half will now burn first, burning away the bad, and then moving down to the white half - the good.

Anoint the black half of the candle with Cast Away Evil condition oil or some other similar oil.  Leave the white half un-anointed for now.  Place the candle in a secure candleholder inside a metal cake pan.

Gather your family around the candle and then light it.  Explain that this candle will help remove the conditions we are ready to let go from our lives.  If you have small children, invite conversation about the changes they would like to make and what no longer serves them.  Each family member will then write on a slip of paper those condition(s) they want removed.  Place those condition slips around the burning candle.

3)  While the black half of the candle is burning down, do a spiritual cleansing of your home.  If you don't know how to do this, check one of my how-to guides or do a Google search on "spiritual floorwash" or "spiritual house cleansing."

Make up a floorwash and pray over it, intending that the negative conditions be removed from you and your family and household.  Use a commerical floorwash product such as a cleansing-type bath crystal or some Chinese Wash - a favorite of mine.  You can also make up your own.  Add to a bucket of warm water:  A cup or so of ammonia - lemon is best, a handful of kosher or sea salt, and a few drops of a complementary cleansing condition oil - or if you don't have that, use some lemon juice.

Mop your home from top to bottom, back to front, working towards the front door.  Pray while you do so.  Wipe down wooden baseboards, radiators, window sills, and wooden door frames.  Walk out your front door with your bucket and toss your used mop water out behind your home.

4)  Put a touch of Protection, Indian Spirit, or Cast Off Evil condition oil in the corners of each window and each door frame.  Make the sign of the cross (or Star of David, pentagram, infinity, spiral, etc.) as you do so.  Work from top to bottom, back to front of your home, spiritually sealing each of these openings.

5)  Following the same pathway, burn copious amounts of White Sage (you know the smudge sticks) in each room while praying for renewal.  You can also use a spiritual cleansing-type incense as well.

6)  When done with the incense, lay down a handful of kosher salt on your front doorstep.  I got this little tip from Lara at Black Cat Root Shack who learned it from her Jewish grandmother.  It's a great protection practice, and easy too.

7)  It takes upwards of two hours-plus for the black half of your candle to burn down.  Do the above steps while the candle burns - there should be plenty of time.

Once the black part is almost burned down to the white, gather your family around it again, and each take turns burning their slips of paper in the flame - the slips that have the conditions to be removed written on them.  You can make this a nice little ritual, offering and sharing prayer and support while each member burns their paper slip.  You may wish to use incense to smudge or cense each family member after they burn their paper.

8)  As soon as the black candle wax is all consummed, while the candle is still lit, carefully pick off all the black wax from off the sides of the candle and any wax puddles that may have formed.  Gather this black wax and any ashes and burnt paper from the slips and dispose of them.

You may wish to take a spiritual cleansing bath at this point.

9)  Go back to your candle and very carefully anoint the now just-white candle with Blessing Oil.  Have each family member make up a new slip of paper, this time with their wish for the new year, their goal(s), and any resolution-type intention.  You may share and pray as you wish.  Fold up each slip and carefully set them under the burning candle.

10)  While the white part of the candle is burning, now go through your house inviting in the "good," choosing what you wish from an abundance of spiritual practices. 

You can re-wash the house working from the doortep inwards, front to back, bottom to top, with a blessing and attraction-type cleansing product.  One such recipe is as follows:  to a bucket of warm water add a splash of Florida Water, three pinches of sugar, Rose petals, a handful of kosher or sea salt, and three pinches of Majoram.  Pray the 23 Psalm, the Prayer of St. Francis, or what moves you.

Burn Blessing incense, Sweetgrass, or Sandalwood, and thoroughly smoke the house.

Offer blessing prayers in each room.

Light a new white candle in each room and/or on every altar.

In years past i have tried to time this ritual so we start the black part of the candle burning around 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve; therefore the white candle starts very close to the beginning of the year, around midnight, 1 a.m.  I have also done the cleansing in December 31st , pinching the candle out once the black part has been consummed, and lighting the white half, etc., on New Year's morning (this is my preference for what it's worth).

11)  Once the white part of the candle has burned down, collect all the wish-papers and the white candle wax.  Fold them all together and place them in a special box or other container, wrap them up in a spacial piece of cloth, or place them into a mojo bag.  These remants should go on your family/household altar.  As i replace the new remnant packet each year, i bury last year's packet by my front door.  It's really a nice little ritual.

I've adapted this ritual for a handful of diverse circumstances.  I used it to successfully quit smoking years back, and i used it when i decided to get serious about healing a back pain condition i experience.

Happy New Year - and be sure to eat some Black-Eyed Peas (for each pea you eat, you get that many days of good luck in the new year!)