Julia (ldygry) wrote,

New Oil Formula ~ Help Needed

Last month i blended up a new oil, and it's brilliant, if i may be so bold.  I've been wearing it for a week now, and it's had desirable effects, smells good: market-ready.  The problem is in the name, a problem i've never been so stuck on before.

It's a sex oil made for attraction, sexual performance, etc., whether that pertains to a one-night encounter, firing up an existing mate, or attracting a compatable commited partner.  Now what makes this oil a little different is its spicyness - it partially reads like a recipe for chai tea and smell like it too.  There's heat there.  Spicy hot.

Okay.  So for the name, i was thinking of an Eastern-inspired name due to the chai connection and the spices, but all i could come up with was Tanta Oil or Kama Sutra Oil, and i don't know enough about those practices/spiritual writings to properly dedicate an oil to them - it seems a tad ignorant.  But that's where i'm at.  Spice, Fire, Flame, Heat, blah, blah, blah.  Any ideas?

Once i can think of a name, or have some kind creative soul name it for me, i can then put it up and make it available.  Oh, it so rocks!  The scent is also nice and gender-neutral too.
Tags: condition oils

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