February 7th, 2009

Magical Recipes Using Common Household Ingredients

And Questions relating to Herb Substitutions

I get emails from time to time from various people who are on a budget inquiring about spell ingredients and spiritual supplies. Some of these questions include the following: Can I substitute this ingredient that I don't have or can't afford? Will the spell work if I leave out the herbs? Can I make this herb blend using just the three herbs I have instead of the five herbs in the spell? I only have enough money to buy a condition oil; can I just skip the herbs or the bath crystals?

These are all really good questions, and I completely sympathize with not having enough money to spend on sometimes-expensive spiritual supplies. So for all of you folks on a budget, I offer several recipes utilizing common household ingredients. Now you can blend your own spell herbs, magical powders, herbal baths, and anointing oils if you so choose. Before I give you the recipes, though, here are some quick answers to those questions I mentioned above.


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How To Tie Off a Mojo Bag

Here's a nice little YouTube video detailing the proper way to tie shut a mojo bag.

And here's Part Two, which makes it a little easier to see the knotwork.

Keep in mind, though, that this is but one way to tie a mojo bag.  I'm not aware of one "correct and traditional way"; there are a lot of incorrect ways, though, where the contents are in danger of spilling out.

Thank you, Mojo Mike.  Give him a five-star rating if you don't mind!