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A Self-Blessing Ritual for Healing and Self-Esteem

In this ritual you will spiritually prepare a framed photograph of yourself.  This blessed photograph will become a focal point for self-improvement work, self-healing work, and self-blessing work.  Place it on your altar and light candles in front of it - honor yourself.  I don't know of a single person who wouldn't benefit from this type of work.  You can also tailor this working to bless a loved one:  someone in need of healing, someone you're worried about, or just someone you care about.

You will need:

~ A nice photograph of yourself - just you
~ A frame with a sturdy backing that is relatively easy to remove and is not too tight, a wood frame is best
~ Condition Oil of your choosing (consider Blessing, Holy Oil, Bless My Heart, Healing, Happy Heart and Soul, depending on your specific need)
~ A selection of 3-7 herbs, listed below, a small pinch each
~ A holy card - optional
~ A piece of paper and pen
~ An envelope
~ A white vigil light candle, votive candle, or some taper candles
~ Incense suitable for blessing or healing - optional (choose a condition incense of the same type as your oil or you can also burn Frankincense, Copal, Benzoin, Rose, or Sandalwood)

Here's a small list of herbs which are appropriate for self-blessing and healing; choose three to seven, mixing to meet your unique needs:

Angelica Root, small bits or powder (blessing, protection)
Flax Seeds (blessing)
Rose Petals (self-love)
Marjoram (good for depression)
Frankincense (blessing)
Sage (self-confidence)
Burdock Root, small bits or powder (healing)
Goldenseal Root, small bits or powder (healing)
Grains of Paradise (blessing, protection, general well-being)
Life Everlasting (healing)
Althea Root, small bits or powder (healing, blessing)
Yarrow (self-confidence)
Rosemary (women's well-being and protection)
Violet (healing from relationships)
Master Root, small bits or powder (self-confidence)
Passionflower (blessing, self-love)
Benzoin Resin (well-being, happiness)
Sandalwood powder (spiritual peace)
Blessing Sachet Powder
Healing Sachet Powder
Any other complementary Sachet Powder

The work:

Prepare a space for your blessed photograph.  Fortunately this spell is very "low profile"; once your picture frame is prepared, no one will know it's been fixed.  Ideally this ritual will be just a part of long-term self-improvement of healing work, maybe a good thing to start with, and therefore i'd recommend setting aside a special place dedicated for this work.  A self-healing altar would be wonderful, a place to pray and meditate and focus on nourishing your Spirit.  Even if it's just a section of mantle space, that will work fine too.  You want to be able to burn a candle in front of your picture.  Fresh flowers are nice, as is anything that means peace and healing to you.

Remove the frame backing from the picture frame.  Place your photo in the frame as usual and set it aside.

Take up your piece of paper and write on it your wish for yourself.  It can be a healing wish or whatever's relevant.  I'd suggest an affirmation.  Speak in the present tense and speak like your goal has come to pass.  Research good affirmations on the internet if need be.  The book "Miracle Prayer" by Susan Shumsky is a rich source of affirmations and healing prayers.  You can also make a list of your good qualities and qualities you are working to improve.  Keep it positive, though.  Instead of writing:  "I wish i liked myself more,"  write: "Every day i like myself more and more," that kind of thing.  If you have a holy card, like a Saint Michael card, you can write on the back of the card or write on the back of the holy card and a piece of paper.  What you choose to write is not set in stone.  It will vary based upon your need.

Some of my favorite affirmations for spiritual healing (from Lessons in Truth, by H. Emily Cady):

"I am a child or manifestation of God, and every moment God's love, life, wisdom, and power flows into and through me.  I am one with God and am governed by these laws of Spirit."

"I am Spirit: perfect, holy, harmonious.  Nothing can hurt me or make me sick or afraid, for Spirit is God, and God cannot be sick or hurt or afraid.  I manifest my real Self through this body now."

"God works in me to will and do whatever God wishes me to do, and God cannot fail."

Your affirmations can be secular as well.  It's just fine to make a list of all the qualities you are seeking to nurture.  Just be sure to own them and stay positive.  If in doubt, write them as a list of "I am" statements:  I am healed, I am blessed, I am happy, I am energized, I am perfect just as I am, I accept myself just as I am, I forgive myself, and so on.

Fold up this piece of paper and/or holy card and insert it into the envelope. 

Mix a pinch of each of your herbs in a small bowl.  Add the powders too if you're using them.  Get a little bit of condition oil on your fingers, and use your oily fingers to mix the herbs, blending them together and powdering and breaking apart the dried leafy herbs into smaller bits.  While you do so, speak to the spirit of the herbs telling them your need and asking for assistance.  Make this a kind of prayer of you're so moved.

Add a pinch or two of blended herbs to the envelope with your wish paper.  Shake the envelope around so the herbs are evenly distributed.  You can open up your folded wish paper inside the envelope to get some of the herbs inside it.  Tuck the flap of the envelope inside, closing it up.  Hold the envelope in between your palms held up to your heart in a prayer position.  Pray and affirm your healing need.  Visualize yourself whole and happy and holy.  If you can send energy, send it into the envelope.  If you can't physically sense energy, know that it's happening any way!

When it feels right, set the envelope inside the picture frame right behind your photograph.  Fasten the frame backing.  You should not be able to see the envelope behind your picture and it should not bulge out.

Oil the picture frame with a touch of condition oil.  While you do so affirm that this is a blessed picture, and that the blessings invested onto this photo are thus transferred on to you.  Set the photograph in its special place.

It's nice to burn candles in front of this framed photograph.  Sundays are a great time to do this, and it really makes for the beginning of a nice ritual honoring yourself.  Anytime you wish to make a change for the better, it's nice to solidify this with some candlework done in front of your blessed photo.  For general maintenance work, i like to take a spiritual blessing bath at the first sighting of the new moon each month.  I will then light a candle in my honor.  Incorporate this work into your life as you see fit.

Right after creating this blessed photograph, light a candle in front of it to further cement your efforts and further bless the photo/yourself.  Choose a seven-day vigil light for ongoing work or a simple taper.  Dress a taper candle with condition oil and roll it in any leftover herb blend.  If it's a glass-encased vigil light or votive, add a few drops of condition oil and a teeny tiny pinch of herbs to the top.  Light the candle and pray.  It's quite nice to burn incense as well.

As i mentioned, this ritual readily adapts itself depending on the need.  Use it for a spouse sent on deployment overseas.  Use it for a friend who's going through chemotherapy.  Use it for a family member who's struggling with addiction.  Use if for a friend going through a difficult divorce.  Use it for a child who's having a hard time at school.  I have found this to be a very practical working which is also very profound.  You would use a photo of the target person - not yourself - and then all you change up are the herbs, maybe the oil, and of course the affirmations and wishes written on the paper.

Any questions or thoughts?  Need herb suggestions?  Give me a shout...

(I got a version of this ritual from The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork radio show put on by Dr. Kioni and cat yronwode.  I'm not sure who specifically gave it out or which broadcast or topic, but i sure am grateful.)
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