Julia (ldygry) wrote,

Spiritual Cleansing and Uncrossing Prayer Treatment

This is a treatment for myself, (full name), for perfect mental health, perfect physical health, perfect spiritual health, and for freedom from seeming obstructions in my life - or better - now.

I recognize that God is our rock and our strength.  God's love is the power of renewal, revitalization, and compassion.  God is all-powerful and almighty.  God is perfection, truth, love, freedom, fulfilment, and complete contentment.  God is wholeness and oneness now.

I am one with God's strength.  I am filled with inner strength from the source of all power and all good - God the good, my rock and my staff.  I am one with the perfection of God.  God's truth and love embrace my being with wholeness and oneness.  God's love, life, and healing power in me burst forth with the brilliance of perfect healing now.

I therefore claim for myself, (full name), perfect mental health, perfect physical health, perfect spiritual health, and freedom from all seeming obstructions in my life - or better - now.

I now heal and release all limitations that interfere with this claim, whether known or unknown, conscious or subconscious.  My thoughts are now one with, the same as, and in tune with God's thought.  I now accept in consciousness complete and perfect health and freedom from any seeming obstacles i may have experienced in the past. 

I let go and dissolve from my mind any and all ideas that anything outside of myself has any power or control over me.  I am free from the thought of bondage or possession, and i know that nothing can possess or hold me in chains.  I belong only to God and to myself.  I am in control.  I am the only authority in my life.  I am divinely protected by the light of my being.

I close off myself, my energy, and my body of light to all that may interfere with these truths.  I now cut any and all psychic ties between myself and all seeming obstacles of my past.  These psychic ties are now lovingly cut, lifted, loved, healed, released, and let go by the Holy Spirit and God now.  I am free from any interference now.  I release the idea that i need anything other than my own divine light, my own divine love, and my own connection with the God-presence within me.  I release all fear, mistrust, feelings of hatred, vengance, and punishment now (for uncrossing) *OR: I release all self-hatred, feelings of inadequacy, and reget now (more for general cleansing)*  I dissolve all guilt and blame.  I let go of negativity now and embrace my life.

I am the source of love for myself.  I love myself and forgive myself now as i forgive others who have committed seeming wrongs against me.  I affirm that we are all beloved children of God.  I surrender my life to God and place my life into God's perfect hands.

I now accept in consciousness perfect health and freedom from any seeming obstacles of my past - or better - now.  I thank God for manifesting this healing renewal in my life in perfect ways.  Amen.

Feel free to make changes to suit you and your unique set of circumstances.

This prayer treatment is my adaptation of  the prayer "Freedom From Substance Abuse and Addiction" from the book Miracle Prayer by Susan Shumsky.  I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to get a new perspective on prayer and anyone interested in learning about and applying healing prayer work.
Tags: healing, prayers, spiritual cleansing, uncrossing

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