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Crown of Success Recipe

I offer this in the spirit of service.  Although i don't give out my recipes, this is one that the Universe can benefit from as everyone could use a little success.  It is holy and powerful and brings out your best.  I love Crown of Success, and it is my go-to oil.  I'll even use it as a "I need a miracle" oil for all situations are aided by extra success.

1)  To a small canning jar add at least 2oz. of carrier oil.  i like fractionated coconut oil (not regular coconut oil from the health food store) as it does not go rancid, is light, and can be sprayed through an atmozier.  Sweet Almond oil is a great choice.  Olive Oil makes a great spiritual oil but is a bit heavy and carries its own smell.  If you are not using fractionated Coconut oil, add three drops of vitamin e (you can squeeze some from a capsule that folks take as a supplement)

2)  Add directly to the oil:
Sandalwood chips
A chunk of Benzoin
Three Bay Leaves
A three-inch stick of Cinnamon, broken up
A wad of Vetiver Root threads
A nice chunk of Pyrite

3)  Get yourself one of those little natural-colored drawstring muslin bags used to infuse herbs and place the following herbs into it.  Alternatively you can layer about three 6-inch square sheets of cheesecloth, place the following herbs in the middle, gather up the edges and rubber-band it closed.
Roughly one heaping tablespoon of Master of the Woods leaves
Roughly one heaping tablespoon of Deer's Tongue leaves
and roughly one heaping tablespoon of Five Finger Grass

(Note that i don't typically measure my herbs.  I add what "feels right" but then i have developed some sensitivity to plants)

4)  You will now have a jar of hard items loose at the bottom and a little sack of green leafy items.  Add powdered Sandalwood, commonly available as an incense powder,  to the oil to get a pleasing shade of orange.  A little goes a long way.   Shake well.

5)  Open the cap and pray over your oil.  With very clean hands, i will stir the oil with my index finger directing energy to your herbal allies.  Also, when i add each ingredient to the jar, i hold it in my hand, and thank it for adding its energy and power to the oil and ask for its help with the specific action of the oil.  Once the oil is assembled, i pray over it again as i explained, this time affirming the synthesis of the herbs and again expressing my gratitude.

6)  Shake your jar daily.  Pray while you do.  If you need the oil immediately, close the jar tightly and set it in a water bath (a saucepan with water up to the level of the oil - not to the top of the jar), and gently heat it at the LOWEST setting for about three hours ideally.  The water should never boil.  It should never get hotter than a gentle steam.  If you can wait, let the oil cold infuse, shaking it daily for a month or longer.  If you use fractionated Coconut oil, the green-leafy herbs can sit almost indefiniately, although i remove the muslin bag after three months.  If you're using a different carrier oil, you may want to remove the green-leafy herbs in the muslin bag after a month or two.  The hard ingredients loose at the bottom can stay in the oil forever - they won't spoil.

7)  Scent your oil with 6 parts Bergamot essential oil to 1 part Cinnamon essential oil.  Use a light hand, though, as both oils can be irritating to some folks.

There you go, a super-powered Crown of Success Condition Oil.  Use it in good health.
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