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A Spell to Bind your Children to You and Protect your Family

I use this spell on behalf of clients when children are put in dangerous situations by a parent, when there's a risk of kidnapping from a parent who has court-ordered visitation, and/or when there is a child custody case pending and one parent wishes - with good and justified cause - to maintain or win back custody.  Use this only in cases where the other party is of some sort of threat or is unfit.  Do not use this if you are angry and vindictive and wish to keep the children away from a loving and supportive parent.  This is a protection spell for just causes.  In this example i will refer to a mother working on behalf of her children, but a father can use this spell as well to bind his children to him keeping away an unstable and dangerous mother.

You will need:  a 6" purple candle; 4" white candles for each child; a candle carving implement; a birthday candle or other small candle to use as a punk; purple, white, or natural-colored string; appropriate condition oil(s), incense, and sachet powder(s) or blended spell herb mix; a drill with a small drill bit; a whole Angelica Root; a small photocopy of a picture of you and all your children without the other parent; a tooth pick; a head hair from you and each of your children.

Before starting this work, you may desire to take a spiritual bath using an appropriate bath product such as Fiery Wall of Protection.

Prepare your work space with protection images, family photos (without the harmful parent), prayer cards, and all the requisite supplies.

Light some appropriate incense:  Fiery Wall of Protection, Blessing, Court Case, Peaceful Home, or a combination as the situation dictates.

Prepare the 6" purple candle to represent you.  Carve your name in vertical lines down the candle from wick end to base.  Anoint with the appropriate condition oil such as Fiery Wall of Protection or a mix of oils like FWO Protection,  Blessing, Peaceful Home and/or Court Case as is appropriate.  Set this candle in the center of your altar or work space and place the photo underneath the candle.

Prepare a 4" white candle(s) for your child/for each of your children.  Carve their names on their candles as instructed above and anoint them with the oil(s).  If you have three children, prepare three candles, one for each child.  Set their candles around your purple candle in a triangle, square, circle, or right next to yours depending on the number of children.  Space the candles apart so they're about 3" away from each other and 3" away from your purple candle.

Tie a string around your purple candle with the knot in the center of the string so you have two long tails of string leading out from your candle.  Tie these tails around the child's candle, making a string connection leading from the purple candle to the white candle, binding your child's candle to yours.  Gently work the string down to the 1/2" from the base of each candle - you do not want the string to be tied around the middle of the candles.  Repeat with each child's candle, tying a new string around the base of your purple candle to the base of another child's candle.  When finished, you should have the purple candle in the middle with a string connection radiating out to each child like spokes on a wheel.  Obviously if you have just one child, the two candles will be in a line tied to each other about 3" apart. 

Sprinkle a blend of appropriate spell herbs used for protection, family, and/or court work or use sachet powders of the appropriate formula to sprinkle a circle around the candles.

Light the birthday candle and use to to light the purple candle then each child's candle starting with the oldest child to the youngest.  Make sure the incense is going good, pick up the Angelica Root in your non-dominant hand, and pray sincerely for your family's protection and well-being.  Psalms 35, 37, 53, 109, and Genesis 49:19 are all good scripture to read, as is this prayer:

The Light of God surrounds us,
The Love of God enfolds us,
The Power of God protects us,
and the Presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.

Anoint the Angelica root with the condition oil(s) and hold the root the whole time you are in prayer and spend at least 30 minutes doing so, the longer the better.  The smaller candles take about 1-2 hours to burn.  The purple candle will take 3 or more hours to burn.

While the candles are still burning, drill a hole slowly and gently into the top of the Angelica root working vertically long-ways down the root.  Do not drill all the way through.  Depending on the size of your Angelica root, you want about a 1" deep hole.  You may wish to increase the size of the drill bit, first using a narrow bit, then using a larger bit to widen it a bit.  You will want the hole large enough to stuff items into it but not too wide to weaken the integrity of the root.  Save the powdered Angelica root that comes off the bit and add it to the circle of sachet powder/herbs.

Using the toothpick, stuff you and your chidlren's hairs into the hole in the Angelica Root.  Add a pinch of the sachet powders and/or the spell herbs and sprinkle them into the hole and tamp it down with the toothpick.  Fill the hole all the way except for about a 1/4 inch at the top.  Place this fixed Angelica Root in the center of the candles either between your candle and your child's candle or in the center of the candles closest to the purple candle.  Allow the candles to burn down, staying in prayer.

The child candle(s) will most certainly burn down first.  After they do, focus your prayers on yourself and your purple candle which is still burning.  Pray for your strength and you abilities as a careful loving parent.

Once all the candles have gone out, scrape up a bit of candle wax form each child's candle and work it into the hole in the Angelica Root.  Lastly, take up the purple wax from your candle and seal the hole, pushing the wax down into the root and smoothing off the top.  Take the photo and sprinkle on it some of the sachet powders/spell herbs which you laid around your work surface along with wax scrapings from all of the candles.  Fold the paper photo in half toward you, then turn it and fold in the sides again toward you making a sort of envelope so the items inside the packet don't spill out.  Fold the paper again lengthwise towards you making a long skinny rectangle, as close to a strip as possible; ideally you want this the height of the strip to be a bit shorter than the height of the Angelica Root.

Wrap this fixed photo paper around the Angelica Root, rolling it toward you, and tie it on by wrapping the threads you used to tie the candles together, wrapping it around and around the root, wraping once then tying a knot, wrapping it around again and tying a knot.  Finish so you have it well secured, using more thread if needed, and tying an odd number of knots for the final tie.

This is a powerful child binding and protection spell.  Keep the fixed root in a place of reverance in your home.  If this is an on-going problem, as it usually is, i wouldn't hesitate a second to erect a permanent family protection altar with Saint Michael or other holy protectors, family photos, graveyard dirt from a helpful spirit, burn protection incense, etc. 

Immediately after the working, clean up your space and collect all the spell remnants, the candle wax, powders and herbs.  Mix these together and place tiny pinches in the four corners of each room in your house - especially your bedroom and your children's bedrooms.  The spell remnants that remain can be placed in a mojo bag or in a special box or container on your family altar.

Carry this root in a cloth bag when you go to court on custody issues and when you're in the presence of the other parent.